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Discover our poinsettia collection and buy a festive Christmas star online. Your local florist will deliver it directly the your desired address.


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  • Buy Poinsettias Online With Euroflorist

    Buy a poinsettia with Euroflorist from the comfort of your home. Red poinsettias are particularly popular among our clients, but white poinsettias provide an elegant Christmas feeling. Pick your favourite, order your poinsettia and we will do the rest! We all know that poinsettias are just as much part of Christmas as the traditional Christmas tree!

    Instead of buying your poinsettia in the supermarket and lugging it home with difficulty, why not order your poinsettia conveniently online? Our local florist experts will select the most splendid poinsettia for you - whether red, pink, cream, or apricot - and deliver it directly to your door. Buying a poinsettia has never been so easy - with Euroflorist!

  • Buy Poinsettia Online - It's Easy!

    Many customers also ask whether the poinsettia is poisonous. In theory, all Euphorbia plants are slightly poisonous. Especially the whitish latex. But since commercialization, it has been possible to give the all-clear: the diterpenes contained in this latex are only found in wild Advent stars, but not in the cultivated, commercially available forms.

    So buy a poinsettia and invite the Christmas spirit into your home. White poinsettias can also be a very elegant eye-catcher and with the poinsettia store from Euroflorist you can easily order your poinsettia online. Are you looking for Christmas flower inspiration? We have put together a Christmas flower Guide for you!

  • The Poinsettia Shop From Euroflorist

    The Poinsettia, also known as Advent Star grows wild and free in South and Central America. There, it can grow up to a meter-high bush! The poinsettia was first brought to the United States by the American ambassador to Mexico, Joel Robert Poinsett. He also gave it the name Poinsettia.

    Today, a red or white poinsettia is part of a Christmas celebration, and in the meantime, you can even order poinsettias from Euroflorist. We will forward your order to a local florist. This florist will then deliver the red poinsettia (or whatever colour you have chosen) directly to your front door.