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Amaryllis care tips

What's the secret to keeping your amaryllis looking gorgeous throughout the festive season? Well, this flower can be a tad high-maintenance if you don't pamper it just right. But fear not, we've got your back with some amaryllis care tips to ensure it reigns as the Christmas Queen in all its glory!

Amaryllis and their pollen

Amaryllis and pollen

When it comes to amaryllis, remember: it's all about prevention, not redemption! We're talking about dodging those annoying pollen stains on your outfits and petals. Why, you ask? Because if that pollen makes its way onto a petal, it's going to throw a little petal tantrum and wilt away in no time. And as for your clothes, if they fall victim to the pollen plague, don't worry! We've got tricks up our floral sleeves. Swiftly snip away those stamens, and in the rare event a stain pops up, there's no need to go into a panic spiral. Conquer it by blowing, brushing, sun-drying, or even gently employing some sticky tape. But whatever you do, avoid using a wet cloth – it'll just make things worse by pushing the pollen deeper into the fabric!

Watering amaryllis

Watering amaryllis

Amaryllis is a delicate flower that struggles to absorb water because of its long, air-filled stem. By poking a hole in the stem at the top of the flower, you let the air escape so it can absorb more water. Next, put your amaryllis in a bucket of water for a few hours so it can absorb a lot of water before you put it in a vase. Sometimes you may even hear a whistling sound, which means the air is leaving the stem.

amaryllis care in vase

Amaryllis care in vase

Use a clean vase with fresh water and sprinkle in some flower food. The water should rise about halfway up their stems. If your water's all decked out with flower food, it is enough to give more water when needed. Or not, it is important to change the water and wash out the vase at least twice a week. This way, you remove bacteria that can lodge in the stem and prevent nutrients from being absorbed properly. When the flowers have finished blooming, you can put the amaryllis in a cooler place at night to keep the flowers blooming longer. Just make sure the temperature does not drop below freezing. Finally, amaryllis are attracted to light, so it is important to rotate the vase regularly.

Amaryllis care tips

Preventing amaryllis stems from rolling up

Trim the stems when they start to curl. You can also put a rubber band or clear tape around the end of the stem. This keeps them from splitting and rolling up. Because if that happens, it's much harder for your amaryllis to absorb water.

Amaryllis care

Support the stem

Many amaryllis are sold with a stick in the stem to support them. Make sure that the stick doesn't damage your amaryllis from the inside. To keep the stick from rotting, choose a tall and narrow vase. With proper care, your amaryllis will last about two weeks. Make sure you occasionally remove a wilted leaf or flower, otherwise, they will take energy away from the other flowers.

amaryllis bulb care

Amaryllis bulb care

An amaryllis bulb doesn't need much care at first. In any case, make sure the roots are moist, and start watering when the buds appear. Water the bulb carefully, as too much water will cause the stems to shoot up. Give the amaryllis bulb a spot with lots of light where it is not too cold. It grows best at room temperature. Remember, you don't need to add any nutrients, everything the flower needs to grow is already in the bulb. Amaryllis grow in the direction of the sun, so turn the pot regularly so that the stems don't grow crooked. Once the flowers have finished blooming, increase the water supply a bit. By watering from the bottom of the pot, you protect the bulb and keep the roots moist. In total, around 100ml per week is sufficient.