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Poinsettia care tips

The poinsettia is an absolute classic and a must-have for the festive season! Follow these care tips, and your poinsettia will strut through the holiday season in fabulous health, and maybe even keep the party going strong afterward, blooming like a true superstar. With the right care, you can even summer your poinsettia so that it'll shine again from Christmas the following year.

Poinsettia care

Water your poinsettia correctly

The poinsettia roots are divas and need a little VIP treatment. When it comes to watering, it's all about finding that golden middle ground. Too much water and those roots might just throw a fit, but too little, and the leaves might decide to take an early nap.

The best is to hold off on the watering until the top layer of the soil in the pot is slightly dry. Keep that soil casually moist but never soaking wet. When in doubt, let it be a tad too dry rather than drowning in water. Water your poinsettia from the bottom through the saucer, and stick to lukewarm or room temperature water. A medium-sized Christmas star in a 13 cm pot needs about 100ml of water daily.

Bonus tip: Don't go misting those poinsettia leaves with water to avoid them from molding. Let's keep it dry and drama-free.

Poinsettia best location

The best location for poinsettias

Since poinsettias are originally tropical plants, it's all about that warm, radiant vibe. A cozy spot with temperatures flirting between 18 and 20 degrees – that's the sweet spot for our festive friend.

Now, the poinsettia loves soaking up the light, but it's not crazy about direct sunlight. So, pop it on a windowsill with just the right amount of sunshine for that perfect glow-up.

Word of warning: the poinsettia is not a fan of chilly draughts. Stick it in a frosty locale with a breeze, and it might start shedding its leaves. Or worst-case scenario, it might even die. So, keep it warm and draught-free for the ultimate star treatment!

Poinsettia summer

After its winter bloom, your poinsettia will shed its upper leaves in February. During that time, give it a sip of water, but keep it on the drier side. Around March, stop watering your poinsettia for about four weeks – yup, your poinsettia is on a hydration break.

When April arrives start watering generously and throw in some plant food every two weeks. Move your poinsettia to a bright, warm spot away from chilly draughts, but keep it shady – it's not a fan of that direct sunlight.