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Online house plants with Euroflorist - order plants online today and have them already delivered tomorrow! For a friend who needs a planty companion or for yourself!

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    Same-Day Delivery

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    Every Bouquet Is Unique

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  • Order Houseplants Online With The Euroflorist Online Plant Shop

    Our houseplants are to fall in love with and are proof that green makes you happy. They are hip, stylish, and the ideal houseplants for everyone, even without a green thumb. On top of that, our highly decorative plants are a real hit gift!

    Plants are ideal roommates and a fresh addition to any household. Houseplants have a proven positive effect on the mood and are also air-cleaning! In the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb the CO2 we produce and turn it into oxygen. More oxygen leads to people being able to concentrate better and even being in a better mood.

  • Send A Houseplant - Make Someone Happy

    Ordering houseplants and having them delivered all over Germany is easy peasy with Euroflorist. Send a green plant to someone special and make them happy, because everyone can use a green friend! Choose a green air-cleaning buddy, then enter the details of the recipient's address in the order form, and voilà - the online plant is on its way to you or your friend.

    By the way, we deliver directly to your door, which makes lugging your new houseplant home a lot easier! Also, we have some plant care tips for you!

  • Give Your Home A Little More Green

    Order your houseplant online in our Euroflorist online plant shop. Choose your new buddy and welcome it into your home tomorrow. Are you ready to clear the air and spread the magic of photosynthesis?

    At Euroflorist, we are proud to be able to transmit not only your houseplants, but also your emotions. Our entire business unfolds from this core objective!

  • Give Your Home A Little More Green

    Plants add a stylish atmosphere to your home and home office. They give every room a certain calm and serenity. In addition, the green helpers support our ability to concentrate thanks to their air-purifying arts!

    Discover our diverse indoor plants and conveniently get one of these air purifiers directly to your home using our delivery service.

    Looking for a plant with a little more colour? Take a look at our orchid collection.

  • Send Houseplants Online? We'll Tell You Why That's A Good Idea!

    How can you easily bring more sustainability into your everyday life? One possibility: houseplants!

    • Delivery directly to your door:: A big advantage of ordering from us? Delivery directly to your door. Unpack the plant, put it up, done!
    • As a heartfelt greeting to the dearest people: Anyone who appreciates plants knows that houseplants are a perfect gift. A new roommate for your home or home office.

    Plants give your home and home office a stylish atmosphere. They give every room a certain calm and serenity. In addition, the green helpers support our ability to concentrate thanks to their air-cleaning abilities! At the same time, the plants are very easy to care for and only need a little water and light.