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Mother's Day 2024 Floral Guide

Are you wondering which flowers you should gift your mom for Mother's Day this year? We have good news: spring is the peak season of blooming nature and gifts us with a variety of radiant, colourful flowers. Read here which flowers are most suitable for Mother's Day! 


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Roses are the popular ones, lilies are the elegant ones.

Which flowers are the right ones for your mother? Different blooms have different meanings. Choose the flowers that fit your mom the most.

Roses: A real classic and hard to be thrown off the Mother's Day flower throne. The red rose in particular is a true classic and symbolises love and passion. We hear you thinking now: is it appropriate to give your mother roses though? Definitely! But if you want to take away that romantic connotation, choose a more playful colour like yellow or pink, or go for a mixed-coloured rose bouquet.

Tulips: The spring classic, that brings in a good mood and it almost every woman's favourite. Crisp tulips radiate beautifully in every home and so will they in your mom's. Give her a bouquet of colourful tulips and the joyful surprise on Mother's Day will be home and dry. 

Carnations: They stand for the extraordinary and fascinating, for love and devotion. Do you want to show your mum how special she is to you? Surprise her on Mother's Day with a bouquet of beautiful carnations.

Lilies: A lovely gift for Mom! They don't only look beautiful but also smell sweet. Lilies are delicate miracles of nature and stand for purity and innocence. With their elegance, they'll fill any room with a feeling of well-being within no time.

Gerberas: Who doesn't know them? You're guaranteed to score with this undeniably popular classic. Especially gerberas in bright colours like orange or pink are sure to impress your mum. Fun fact: The gerbera expresses "Everything is more beautiful with you". Why? Because the gerbera grows in beautiful and sunny places. 

Peonies: Our exclusive spring favorite! Peonies are the absolute star of the season and captivate with opulent blooms. Give your mom a peony bouquet for Mother's Day and the surprise is guaranteed to be successful!

Ranunculus: These marvelous spring flowers are perfect for saying "You are wonderful". They express a compliment to the recipient and can hardly be beaten in beauty and colorfulness. Sounds about perfect for your mom, doesn't it?


Mother's Day For Deceased Mothers

Mother's Day is not a day that everyone wants to celebrate. If you have lost your mother, Mother's Day can bring up particularly painful feelings. However, it can be comforting and beautiful to remember your late mum on Mother's Day. We have come up with 6 ways to honour your mother and spend the day in a beautiful way.