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Surprise family and friends with lovely ranunculus. This beautiful flower is a true seasonal favorite next to tulips and only available for a limited time. Our partners have the freshest flowers in store and are happy to create your unique ranunculus bouquet.

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  • Order ranunculus online with Euroflorist


    Probably the most popular spring flower par excellence: the ranunculus. Hardly any other flower radiates - like spring itself - so much joie de vivre, courage to face life and hope. A bouquet of ranunculus comes in several spring colours: white, pink, yellow, and our favourite: fuchsia! What could be more splendid in spring than ordering a ranunculus bouquet online and giving yourself or a loved one a treat? A bouquet of ranunculus is guaranteed to please everyone and bring sunshine into the home. Ranunculus are particularly popular at Easter, as they make an excellent floral Easter decoration for the Easter brunch.

  • When do ranunculuses bloom?


    The flowering period of the ranunculus begins in late winter and lasts into spring. Unfortunately, the ranunculus has one of the rather shorter flowering periods. That's why a bouquet of ranunculus in spring is all the more special. This lovely flower species originates from the Mediterranean and the Middle East and is somewhat reminiscent of peonies in appearance. About 200 years ago, ranunculus enjoyed a similar status and popularity as tulips.

  • Send ranunculus and make a springtime joy

    Do you know someone who is still feeling a bit in the winter blues and could do with a little fresh cheer? Then how about ordering a bunch of ranunculus online and having it delivered straight to the winter blues person's doorstep? Ranunculus exudes fresh energy and courage to face life and cheers everyone up with its splendour of blossoms. What's more, a beautiful bouquet of ranunculus adds a fresh splash of colour to any interior or home office. Send ranunculus and help a loved one leave the winter blues behind and start spring with renewed vigour!

  • Meaning of ranunculus

    The ranunculus is considered one of the most beautiful flowers. The shape of your flower head may have earned it the unflattering nickname "buttercup", but this does nothing to detract from the splendour of this flower. Accordingly, the ranunculus as a gift also speaks a great compliment to the recipient. If you want to tell someone special "you are magical", then look no further than ranunculus! But what do the different colours of the ranunculus mean?

    • Red - Red ranunculus stand for love and passion.
    • Pink - Pink ranunculus exude romance Violet - Violet ranunculus symbolise spirituality
    • Orange - Orange ranunculus convey warmth and courage
    • White - White ranunculus symbolises innocence and purity and is ideal for a bridal bouquet.
    • Yellow - Yellow ranunculus give an extra energy boost