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The 10 Best Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your mum for Mother's Day? Or do you want to craft something yourself this year? Get inspired by our gift ideas for Mother's Day!


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Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

We believe that flowers are a must for Mother's Day. You hit the mark, however, with a personalised gift. We all know that mum is happiest when she receives something she has made herself.

With flowers for Mother's Day, you're already making a precision landing. But if you give the classic Mother's Day gift a personal touch with a greeting card, then the wow effect for mum is in the bag.

Something other than flowers? Here are some alternatives:

1. Massage voucher: Your mother deserves to fully relax. A massage is pure relaxation, which we unfortunately treat ourselves to far too rarely. Give your mmm her well-deserved me-time in the form of a massage voucher.

2. Parfum: Give your mom her favourite fragrance or surprise her with something new. Maybe the perfume you choose will become her new favourite?

3. Photos: Choose the best photo of the two of you and have it framed. Or maybe even print out a series of photos and put them into a self-made (digital) photo album?

4. Dinner out: Take your mom out to dinner! A night out with delicious food and good wine will definitely make your mom happy. Treat her to a night out to show her how much she means to you.

5. A piece of jewellery: Give your mum a beautiful bracelet, a delicate necklace or a pair of earrings. Maybe you can even have the jewellery engraved to make it extra personal?

6. An activity: Making memories together is actually the best gift of all. Give your mum an activity that you can do together. How about a cooking or pottery class or a concert, for example?

4 x Self-made Mother's Day Gifts

If you craft something yourself, it means that you have put love into it. And that will make your mum especially happy.

1. Greeting card: Give her a self-made greeting card to go with her Mother's Day flower bouquet. Are you looking for a nice text for a handmade greeting card? Find inspiration for Mother's Day wishes and sayings here!

2. Painted mug: Paint a mug with porcelain pens or have a nice photo of the two of you printed on it. That way, your mum will always think of you over her morning coffee. 

3. Dried flowers: Dry the blossoms of your mum's favourite flowers and arrange them in a picture frame. It makes a great decoration item and ensures that your mum can enjoy the flowers for a long time. 

4. Printed items: Many drugstores or photo shops offer printing on a wide variety of items. Have a photo of the two of you printed on a t-shirt, a cushion, a key ring, or a phone case.

Mother's Day For Deceased Mothers

Mother's Day is not a day that everyone wants to celebrate. If you have lost your mother, Mother's Day can bring up particularly painful feelings. However, it can be comforting and beautiful to remember your late mum on Mother's Day. We have come up with 6 ways to honour your mother and spend the day in a beautiful way.