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The 10 Best Wishes & quotes for Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day on Sunday 12 May 2024! In addition to your Mother's Day gift, a card with a personal greeting, a short saying, or even a poem is an absolute must. Are you looking for sayings, wishes, and quotes for Mother's Day? Let us inspire you.


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Wishes & quotes for your Mother's Day greeting card

Here are a few suggestions of what you can write on the card for your mom. As a little inspiration for your own text or to copy out directly.

  • Dear Mum, I want to use this day to tell you how much I love you and how grateful I am that you are always there for me. I love you so much!

  • "Happy Mother's Day, dearest Mom! You are the best mom in the world, a power woman and my absolute role model.

  • Dear mum, thank you for always being there for me and taking care of me. I know that I don't always make it easy for you 😉.

  • There are so many mothers on earth, but one of them is the best and she belongs to me!

  • There is only one completely selfless, pure, divine love. And that is the love of the mother for her child. (Georg Moritz Ebers)

  • The best thing about me, I got it from you! (Peter Rosegger)

  • Mom, you are my sunshine. Happy Mother's Day!

  • Super Mum! You are my superhero. And by the way, you're always right 😉.

  • Mum, you are my best friend, my safe haven and my hero. Thank you for always being there for me!

  • Dearest mum, what would I do without you? I am so grateful to have you. All the best for Mother's Day!

Something to chuckle about?

Here are a few Mother's Day sayings that will make your mum laugh while reading them.

  • "And on the 8th day God created curiosity - and called it Mother! - Thank you, Mum! I am glad that you are so interested in me. And always give the appropriate advice!"

  • "My mother had a lot of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." (Mark Twain)

  • "Mum, thank you for your love, which is as endless as your phone calls."

  • "Mum, no matter what life throws at you; at least you have a great daughter!"

  • "Today is the day I tell you how much I love you. The rest of the year I'm too busy getting on your nerves 😜!"

3 tips to write a personalized message for your mum

Would you like to write your mum a text that comes straight from your heart and is tailored to her personally? Then follow our tips: 

1. Think of 3 qualities that you love most about your mum. Write a short paragraph listing them and complimenting her on them. 

2. Why are you so grateful to have your mum? Think about the most important reason and write it down. Your mum will certainly be very happy about it.

3. Is there a moment in your life that you have spent together that has stayed with you in a particularly positive way? Write it down and reminisce about it together.

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Give your mom flowers for Mother's Day!

Add a fresh bouquet of flowers to your personal Mother's Day greeting! When you order and send a bouquet of flowers with Euroflorist, you can add your Mother's Day greeting free of charge on a small card to your order. Check out our Mother's Day flower collection and surprise your mum with her favourite flowers.

Would you rather give your mum something other than flowers? Here are a few gift ideas for Mother's Day.