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Spring flowers have arrived and it's about time to celebrate with these radiant spring bouquets. Send colourful greetings to someone special in Germany!

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  • Send Spring Flowers with Euroflorist

    We at Euroflorist are pleased to offer you these beautiful spring bouquets. You have a choice of gorgeous yellow daffodils, orange gerberas, and many other typical spring flowers. In late may, you can also go for peonies. Surprise a special person and send spring bouquets easily and safely with Euroflorist.

    And because these flowers are only available at a particular time of the year, you can be sure that your fragrant gift will be very special for the recipient. In our seasonal selection, you will find classic bouquets as well as novelties and trendsetters. Send flowers online - give joy during this beautiful time of the year!

  • Spring flowers - When Bloom The Most Beautiful Spring Flowers?

    Most spring flowers, which by the way make for a great Easter present, need to be planted already in winter. Why? So that they then come to bloom in the spring. But why do spring flowers bloom so early? Those flowers that get an early start have a significant advantage: they get more light! The earlier the more light! Because in winter and in the beginning of the year, the trees, bushes, and plants often do not yet have leaves that could block the spring flower's access to the sunshine.

    The first spring flowers in this regard are the tulips because some of them already bloom in winter! But it is also true that the milder the winter, the earlier the spring flowers bloom!

  • Our Top 5 Spring Flowers?

    The first early bloomers are sprouting and want to be staged on your living room table. What kind of spring flowers are there and when do they bloom?


    • TulipsHardly any other flower heralds the beginning of spring as skillfully as the tulip. At the same time, tulips bloom partly already in winter! In the Netherlands, for example, tulips are a popular Christmas flower! This means that for anyone who wants to ring in spring extra early, the tulip is the perfect flower.
    • Gerbera: The beautiful gerbera typically blooms from April to October. Hardly any other flower brings home as much joy and cheerfulness as the gerbera. It represents friendship, gratitude, and sincerity. That is, sending someone a bouquet of gerbera is a true sign of appreciation and affection.
    • Ranunculus: The beautiful ranunculus resembles one of the most sought-after flowers par excellence: the peony. However, the latter blooms for only half as long as the ranunculus, which is why the ranunculus is the easier option. It blooms between April and June (often earlier) and symbolizes beauty and uniqueness.
    • Snowdrops: Probably the sweetest flower that spring brings. The blooming season of snowdrops begins as early as January and lasts until April. Since the snowdrop belongs to the early bloomers, it is a very important source of flowers for bees in the spring. By the way, all parts of the plant of the snowdrop are poisonous.
    • Daffodil: The daffodil is also called daffodil. This is not by chance: the daffodil blooms from March to May - at Easter! The fresh yellow color in combination with its religious connotation means resurrection and joy of life.