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The ever-popular peony

Meaning of different colours + care tips to keep your peonies in bloom

The peony - not only wildly popular and aesthetically pleasing, but also full of symbolism. Each colour has its own meaning and is therefore suitable for different occasions.

What is the symbolism of peonies and how do you make sure they bloom in your vase for a long time? Read here about various meanings of peonies and tips on peony care.

Meaning of peonies

Peonies are often seen as a symbol of beauty, wealth and bliss. In many cultures, they are also seen as a symbol of love and romance.

In Christianity, the peony is often associated with the Virgin Mary and virginity, which is why it's linked to shyness or embarrassment. It also stands for the resurrection and eternal life.

In Asian cultures, the peony has a completely different meaning. In China, for example, it stands for wealth, honour and prosperity. In Japan, the peony is a symbol for the beginning of summer and is often used in tea ceremonies and other celebrations.

Different colours, different meanings

Red: Like many red flowers, the red peony bears the symbol of love. Do you want to show your favourite person how much love you feel for them? Give them a bouquet of red peonies.

Rose & pink: Rose and pink peonies mood boosters, create a positive vibe and make for moments of happiness. While the pink peony stands for tender, sweet femininity, the pink peony symbolises rather wild, untamed and independent femininity.

White: If you give white peonies as a gift, you wish the recipient health and well-being. They also represent modesty and shyness and are therefore very suitable as a gift to express apology or remorse.


Care for peonies?

4 care tips to keep your flowers in bloom

Tip 1

Cut your peonies so that they can absorb as much water as possible. Cut them about 5 cm diagonally from the stem. Pro-tip: Cut your peonies so that they can absorb as much water as possible. Cut them about 5 cm diagonally from the stem. Pro-tip: Cut the peonies a little at a distance of a few days. This way they can always absorb enough water and bloom for extra long!

peony care

Tip 2

Place the peonies in a clean vase with lukewarm water. Remove the lowest leaves to avoid them getting into the water and rotting prematurely. Also, that way the water will get directly into the flower, not into the leaves, which makes the flower more stable.

peony care

Tip 3

Make sure there is always enough water in the vase. Peonies are thirsty. Also, change the water regularly so that the peonies are always supplied with fresh food.

peony care

Tip 4

Do not place the peonies in full sun, in a place with a lot of draught or next to ripening fruit. It emits the ripening gas ethylene, which causes flowers to rot quickly.

peony care

Little Peony FAQ

When are peonies available?

The flowering period of peonies is short every year. It begins between the end of April and the beginning of May and ends at the end of June. Peonies therefore only show their wonderful flowers for two months of the year. That is why they are considered an exclusive flower and are bought a lot during their flowering period.

Where can I buy peonies?

Most flower shops sell peonies during their flowering period. You can most likely buy them at your local flower shop in May and June. At Euroflorist we also have peonies in our assortment during their flowering period. Would you like to surprise your favourite person with a bouquet of peonies or have one sent to your home? Our online flower delivery service is the right place for you.

How much do peonies cost?

Availability and demand play a major role in peony prices. As peonies are only available for a short period of time, they are particularly in demand during this period. Roughly speaking, peonies can cost between €2.50 and €7.00 per flower, depending on the quality and the time period. The handy thing is, however, that the flower of the peonies is quite large once it has bloomed. So for a voluminous bouquet, you need fewer flowers than, for example, a bouquet of normal roses. Let's say, peonies are not the cheapest flowers, but certainly one of the most beautiful and special ones, if you ask us.

How long do peonies last in the vase?

Peonies usually last 5-7 days in the vase. If you apply our care tips that you find above, you can probably squeeze out a few extra days.

How much water do peonies need?

A lot! Peonies are thirsty flowers. Do not poor too much water into the vase. The peony stems should be about halfway in the water. Change the water every few days and top up the water when necessary.

Why don't my peonies bloom?

Your peonies don't bloom in the vase? Peonies like to be a bit hesitant before they present their beautiful flowers. You can help with a few tricks. Loosen the outer leaves of the flower a little from the bud to stimulate the opening process. Be careful not to tear off the petals. It is also very important to cut the peonies properly and place them in a vase with lukewarm water. It works wonders if your peonies don't bloom, as it stimulates the blooming process. Read our 4 care tips on this page to be perfectly informed about the best care for your peonies in the vase.