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Peach Blush

Seasonal product

This is a seasonal product.

Not available for purchase at the moment.

Product Description
An elegant bouquet that perfectly showcases the beauty of peach-coloured flowers. Composed of roses, spray roses & carnations in delightful shades of peach and completed with gyp & eucalyptus, this composition is an affordable masterpiece. This beautiful peach bouquet will be delivered by a tracked courier, in a special box crafted to safeguard the stems and enhance the unboxing experience. The flowers arrive in bud and with a bit of water and our included flower food, the blooms will show its full beaty within two days. Soft and elegant colour palette that exudes warmth and sophistication, makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. Plus, with its exceptional beauty offered at a great price it's sure to bring joy to both the giver and the recipient.

Please note that there can be a delivery delay of 1-2 working days with our delivery partners.

The flowers are freshly cut and can take between 24-48h to fully bloom upon arrival.

Read here how your flower bouquet is properly packaged and taken care of during its journey.