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For over 30 years Euroflorist has been providing the latest tools and high level support to florists to receive millions of floral relay orders and to provide relay services to their customers. As a result of our vast experience in the floral marketplace, we offer our florist members several additional services and products to improve their independent local retail florist business.

Why joining the Euroflorist network?
Since the beginning, we have maintained a clear simple approach to the florist relay business. As a result, we are today one of the largest florist-to-florist networks in Europe with 9,700 florist members operating in 10 countries. In addition to Euroflorist’s direct network in Europe, we are the largest order sending member of the Teleflor International network which includes over 54,000 florists worldwide.

What our florists appreciate the most about Euroflorist is our straight forward way of working, the quality of associated flower shops in our network, and the fact that our membership is voluntary. As a florist member, you have complete freedom over your shop and the way it looks, and you can continue to manage your business in the best way you deem appropriate for your customers, without interference from Euroflorist. Using our relay service then becomes a benefit to your business.

How does it work?
We provide you all the tools and materials necessary to immediately start receiving orders for delivery and sending orders from your customers. After joining Euroflorist you will receive a package of order forms, posters, stickers and other materials for your shop. In addition, you can access our online floral relay order system called Bring directly on the Internet to send and receive orders. Additionally, for your convenience you can communicate with Euroflorist by facsimile and telephone. Once a month you will receive an account statement detailing your incoming and outgoing orders and the balance of your account. As part of our Membership Agreement you are guaranteed we will pay you for your deliveries.

We are here to serve you
Whenever you need us, we are here for you. Our call centre is open when your business is open, including Saturdays. You can contact us by phone, email or fax.

Top nine benefits of the Euroflorist Network

1. Euroflorist is a "Florist Friendly" organization so florists remain independent
You make your own decisions about how to manage your retail flower store, market to your customers and address the needs in your marketplace. Unlike other relay organizations, we do not force you to send a minimum number of orders, restrict you from joining other networks or comply with a long set of rules. When you join Euroflorist you do not need to be forced to purchase ownership in our relay service just to be a member. We want to be your partners in the floral business.

2. More orders for your local delivery area
Each year we receive millions of floral orders for delivery all over the Europe. In order to increase the number of orders we send to our florist network, we invest in marketing with our online ecommerce websites, corporate business clients and several international trading partners. We can also provide you with your own customized website so you can offer online ordering convenience to your walk in customers and attract new customers from the Internet to increase orders for your delivery.

3. Low membership costs and high order commissions
We have the lowest prices in the local market for relay organization membership and the most fair commission structures for sending and receiving orders. With Euroflorist you receive a higher order delivery commission then other networks and on all orders you send to the Euroflorist network from your store you receive a competitive sales commission. Throughout the year we offer incentive programs such as rebates, extra commissions, and travel rewards to motivate you to send more orders.

4. Work with other professional florists
Euroflorist member florist stores are required to maintain a professional standard of operation. While we believe in diversity, creativity and innovation at the florist level, we also impose certain requirements in order to maintain your membership in the florist network. Requirements to become a member florist include floral education, years of experience, product assortment and high customer service. We work together with our florist members to improve the quality and standards of the Euroflorist network through communication, florist inspiration, and floral order delivery services.

5. Websites, Online Order Processing, FlowerCards, Barcelona 2007 and more
Other services from Euroflorist include customized florists websites, online order transmission with our Bring system and one of our most popular gift ideas, Euroflorist FlowerCards. As a member store you can sell, receive and cash our FlowerCards. The cards are secure, come in several cash denominations, require minimum administration, and have attracted thousands of customers to our member florist stores. The FlowerCard was first launched in Sweden in 1988 and since then millions of FlowerCards have been sold across Europe.

In October 2007 Euroflorist celebrated its 25th anniversary in Barcelona, Spain.
1,300 florists from around the world attended the event and they were all unanimous. This was one of the most magnificent event that has ever taken place for their genre. Visit to see the celebration in pictures.

6. Receive high level of customer service and florist support
Euroflorist operates call centers in each country where our direct florist networks are located. Staffed with locals, you can be assured of the highest level of customer service when you contact us. In addition, we maintain one of the largest Information Technology departments in the floral industry to ensure our trading platform, websites and other support systems are operating efficiently 24/7.

7. Florist meetings and seminars
Every year we arrange florist seminars throughout Europe. The seminars are exclusive for you as a member florist and the meetings are always during the evenings. The seminars include lectures about the latest trends in the floral industry, Euroflorist news and general business activities. At certain meetings throughout the year we host special design events and Euroflorist participates in the major industry exhibitions.

8. Discounts on services for you business
As a member florist you will receive from Euroflorist discounts and benefits from third party suppliers to help your business grow and be most efficient. We have negotiated on your behalf discounts and special offerings for several benefits such as floristry and gift books, telephone services, Internet service providers, gift packages, marketing services, and credit card offers.

9. Benefit from the Euroflorist brand
Euroflorist is today a well-known brand by millions of satisfied customers. When they see the Euroflorist logo in your store, they will be confident of receiving a high quality, proven service. As a florist member we work together to increase the value of the brand and in turn the benefits for your retail florist business.