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Send Red Roses

Order red roses and surprise your bae with an unequivocal proof of love. Whether your choice is one single red rose full of meaning or an opulent red roses bouquet is completely up to you and your loved person.


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    Every Bouquet Is Unique

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  • Order red roses online with Euroflorist


    Confessing feelings can be so easy - order red roses and send them to your crush! Your message "through the flower" is guaranteed to arrive. Our professional florists will be happy to deliver the bouquet for you and - the romantic surprise is perfect! We have red roses in various designs ready for you, you just have to choose which red roses you would like to order. Do you want long-stemmed red roses as a single rose, as a bunch of 3, 5, 7 or 10 roses or would you prefer a sweet red rose bouquet? You can also buy luxury roses and other floral creations with red roses as the star.

  • Send red roses all over Germany and even worldwide


    Your crush doesn't live in Germany, maybe not even in Europe? Don't worry - Euroflorist takes over and you can still order red roses for your crush! Thanks to our international red rose delivery service, we can reach your sweetheart no matter where in the world he/she lives. Simply go to our "International" section at the top of the page and select the destination country. You can then order red roses as normal and have your red rose bouquet delivered. Turn the Euroflorist amor into a globetrotter and send red roses worldwide!

  • Red roses prices

    Red roses grow in their natural form mainly in particularly warm areas near the equator. Unfortunately, many producers of red roses in these regions have had to close their operations due to the Corona crisis. This in turn means that fewer red roses can be sent to Europe this year. Therefore, red rose prices may have to be increased. This is the only way we can ensure that we can adequately support our local florists. We hope for your understanding when ordering red roses this year and thank you in advance.

  • Symbolism of red roses

    If you want to order red roses, it means you are serious about your love. Roses in general already mean love and an intimate connection. But if these roses are red, it means that this love is flaming and passionate and the attachment is very physical. So when you send red roses to your loved one, you are sending a clear, beautiful message of love. Ordering red roses online is also incredibly simple and straightforward thanks to Euroflorist.