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    The Queen of Flowers – as the orchid is also being called – is one of the most popular flower gifts in Germany. She seduces with exotic beauty in many colours. Therefore, people like to order orchids online and send them to their family, friends, special someone, or even themselves! Which orchid is your favourite? Do you want to buy the Phalaenopsis? Or are you a fan of the specific shape of the Paphiopedilum? Choose your favourite orchid from our big selection and easily have it delivered to your or someone else´s doorstep.


    The orchid is known for its adaptability. Hailing from a tropical climate it can even persist in European weather conditions with a lack of warmth and humidity. Therefore, the orchid symbolizes flexibility and cleverness. Another standout is the orchid´s exotic beauty. Hence the flower also stands for passion, beauty, and desire.

  • The Most Popular Orchids

    Usually, the orchid grows on trees in tropical climates. However, botanists all over the world were very busy and bred more than 20.000 types of orchids. These can develop their full beauty even in room temperature environments. Here are a few of the most popular orchids in Germany:

    Phalaenopsis – The Moth Orchid

    Probably the most popular orchid is the Phalaenopsis. This translates from Greek into “like a moth”, hence moth orchid. This beauty is quite easy to take care of and blooms for quite a long time. New breeds in all colours of the rainbow turn the moth orchid into everyone´s darling: glowing yellow, orange, brown – or classic colours like purple, white, and pink.

    Paphiopedilum – The Lady Slipper Orchid

    The funny nickname of the Paphiopedilum comes from its very specific blossom shape: it looks like a lady slipper! The lady slipper orchid grows naturally in the forests of Southeast Asia and the Pacific region and is therefore a little bit more care-intensive. Place the pot with the Paphiopedilum on a spot with indirect sunlight and try to make it humid for the lady slipper!

    Cymbidium – Boat Orchid

    The Cymbidium is known for its long-lasting blossom phase. It is a terrestric orchid meaning it sprouts its roots into the soil and not the air. The Cymbidium orchid can grow into a pretty big plant and blossoms for up to three months at a time in brown, pink, white, or yellow.