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Fairtrade Flowers

For over 30+ years, Fairtrade has driven social justice through trade. Fairtrade is the most recognized and trusted certification mark.

With the purchase of these flowers, you contribute to the sustainable improvement of the working and living conditions of flower workers. The demand for fair trade flowers is increasing! More and more people are buying Fairtrade flowers. 

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  • Why Fairtrade Flowers?

    Fairtrade leads to self-determination, better working conditions, and improved health protection for thousands of workers on certified flower farms.

    Flower workers decide democratically on their own projects, which benefit the whole community through the Fairtrade Premium, which is raised from the sale of each flower stem.

    In addition to formal labor contracts, the right for collective bargaining and membership in trade union freedom, and maternity and labor protection, strict environmental criteria for pesticide use, water and waste management are non-negotiable components of the Fairtrade standard for flowers and plants.

    Fairtrade also supports environmentally friendly flower cultivation. Studies have shown that the carbon footprint of Fairtrade roses is up to 5.5 times lower than that of roses grown in greenhouses in Europe.

    Fairtrade is pushing for better pay for workers, for example by introducing a floor wage requirement in 2017 which led to wage increases of up to 127 percent.

    Fairtrade is also ensuring basic rights such as decent work conditions, contracts for all flower farm workers, and mandatory safety equipment when handling chemicals.

  • Empowering Women With Fairtrade Flowers

    1 out of 3 roses sold in Germany is Fairtrade. Fairtrade roses mostly come from East Africa, where participation in the Fairtrade system particularly benefits female workers on certified flower farms. With every purchase of Fairtrade roses, you support women and men on those farms to live a self-determined life.

    Through stable purchase prices, the additional Fairtrade premium paid for community projects, and programs for the advancement of women, Fairtrade creates a breeding ground for sustainable empowerment of female workers on flower farms.

    Fairtrade flowers by numbers: 

    • 944 million stems sold on Fairtrade terms in 2020
    • 73,000 farm workers on 74 Fairtrade-certified flower farms
    • €42 million in Fairtrade Premium generated for flower workers since 2015
    • In 2020, workers on flower and plant plantations received 7.25 million euros in Fairtrade premiums in addition to the sales price, of which 3.5 million euros alone came from sales of Fairtrade roses in the German market.
    • 81% of the Fairtrade Premium is invested in education, financial, and healthcare services for flower workers and their families.

    Source: Fairtrade Germany