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Chrysanthemum Bouquets

✓ We Deliver Quality Since 30+ Years ✓ Seasonal Flower Range - Send chrysanthemum online and make your family, friends or even your colleagues at work a great autumn surprise. There is hardly another lovely plant as lovely and classic as chrysanthemums at this time of the year.

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  • Meaning of Chrysanthemums

    The meaning of the name chrysanthemum alone suggests a marvellous plant - the golden blossom or golden flower. The meaning of the chrysanthemum could hardly be more exciting: on the one hand, it can mean love, on the other hand, it can also be a messenger of death! The clear symbolism is only revealed with the colour.

    Which colour of the chrysanthemum means what?

    • Red- love
    • Yellow - happiness, cheerfulness, and eternity
    • Blue - fidelity
    • White - bliss and holiness
    • Purple - get well soon
  • Care Tips for Chrysanthemums

    The chrysanthemum is considered a particularly long-lasting cut flower - and with the right care, you can maximise your enjoyment of the flower! They love sunshine and moist, nutrient-rich soil. Chrysanthemum care is not too extensive. Simply cut out the faded shoots, fertilise a little, and water regularly without putting the plants under water. Regular pruning and fertilising will make the chrysanthemums stronger and more compact. Chrysanthemums bloom all year round but are known as autumn flowers. This is why they enjoy particular fame and popularity in autumn. But don't worry, you can also get the beautiful blooms in spring and summer.

    Did you know this: Chrysanthemums belong to the composite plant genus and are also known as autumn or winter asters. There are more than 40 different species. Originating from Asia (China, Korea and Japan), chrysanthemums have now spread from Russia to Eastern Europe.