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Vase Guide

This is how you pick the right vase for your flowers

Finding the right vase for your flower decoration is not that easy. There are many different flower shapes and the same goes for vases. It is therefore all the more important to match your freshly bought flowers with the right vase. We listed the most important vase shapes here and show you which cut flowers and bouquets they go best with.

A rule of thumb up front: The shape and volume of the flowers should match the opening of the vase. For example, do not place a single carnation or a branch of eucalyptus in a bulbous vase with a wide opening. Large bouquets, on the other hand, need a wide opening so that all the flowers have enough room to unfold.

Ball Vase

The ball vase is the stage for charismatic entertainers! It is particularly suitable for plump, striking flowers such as dahlias, peonies, hydrangeas, or a single protea or amaryllis.

Large bouquets with short stems, for example the classic rose bouquet, feel extremely comfortable in a ball vase as well.

With a ball vase, make sure that the length of the flower stems matches the height of the vase. The stems should not stick out the vase too much so that the aesthetic proportions are not lost.


High, Narrow Vase

Bought fresh flowers at the market? A high, narrow vase is best for long-stemmed flowers such as tulips, sunflowers, lilies, gladioli or roses. It offers enough space and keeps the flowers compactly together. Its height provides support and ensures that the flower heads do not hang.

Shrubs and branches, for example eucalyptus, baby's breath or cherry blossoms, are best placed in a high, narrow vase. Here too, the vase should provide enough support so that the branches stand upright in the vase.

Extra tip: Do not overfill a straight vase so that the flowers can still fall naturally.


High, Wide Vase

Voluminous bouquets look best in a high, wide vase. The height holds the bouquet well together, so this type of a vase is suitable for long-stemmed bouquets. The width gives all the flowers and the greenery enough room to fall in all directions, creating a loose arrangement.

A field bouquet, whether picked by yourself or bought from a florist, looks particularly beautiful in a high, wide vase.


Bottle Vase

A single flower that's the superstar? A bottle vase is ideal for single (fancy) flowers or greenery. The narrow neck provides good support so that the flower stays nicely upright. Single roses or carnations also look great in a bottle vase.

Extra tip: The super practical thing about this type of vase is that you can easily make a bottle vase yourself. A glass soda or water bottle makes for a great vase!



A mini-vase is best suited for individual, small blossoms or flower rests. When the bouquet on the table is actually already wilted, sometimes small blossoms still shine through that are actually still fresh. It would be a shame to throw them away, wouldn't it? Recycle your bouquet and put the fresh flowers in a mini-vase. That way you can enjoy the flowers for longer! Make sure that the flowers don't stick out too far from the vase.

Extra tip: Mini-vases look particularly good in a group. Drape three to four mini-vases next to each other and they will each look their best.


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