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Flower delivery in Karlsruhe

Are you looking for a flower delivery service in Karlsruhe? Order your bouquet via Euroflorist and a florist in Karlsruhe will take care of the delivery.

We also deliver to : Rheinstetten - Ettlingen - Waldbronn - Remchingen - Karlsbad - Durmersheim - Stutensee - Bruchsal - Wörth am Rhein - Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen - Malsch - Königsbach-Stein

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Why you should choose Euroflorist for your flower delivery in Karlsruhe

Send flowers all over Germany

Order your bouquet via Euroflorist and have your flowers delivered in Karlsruhe or anywhere in Germany.

Local flower shops

Your bouquet will be tied by a local florists based in Karlsruhe and delivered wherever and whenever you want it.

Flowers by express delivery

Euroflorist works exclusively with florists who deliver high quality bouquets on the same day, if requested.

How can I order flowers in Karlsruhe?

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How do my flowers stay fresh the longest?

We'll tell you:

  • Protect your bouquet from too much light and heat (e.g. direct sunlight), as the leaves can burn and the flowers can dry out more quickly.
  • Put the flowers in a cool place at night so that they last longer.
  • Depending on the season, you can put the bouquet on the balcony or in the cellar.
  • Avoid placing the bouquet in a draught as the flowers and leaves will dry out more quickly.
  • Do not place your flowers next to ripe fruit. The fruit gives off ethylene, a gas that causes the leaves to wilt. 

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How can I redeem a discount code or gift card?

Euroflorist offers discount codes (e.g. in our newsletter or on our social media channels Facebook & Instagram) and gift cards that can be ordered via our website. If you have such a voucher, simply enter the code on the payment page when you order your flowers in Karlsruhe. The corresponding amount will be automatically deducted from the total price of your flower order. 

Can I also have flowers delivered to Karlsruhe from abroad?

Of course you can order a bouquet of flowers on our website, even if you are located somewhere else in the world. Euroflorist will take care of the delivery of your flower order, no matter from which country you have placed it. 

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Palace Garden and Zoological City Garden in Karlsruhe

Euroflorist always has a garden tip in your city ready for you: with a good 1,000 hectares of green spaces, Karlsruhe is a green city. The Karlsruhe Palace Gardens were laid out between 1731 and 1746 in the French Baroque style and later transformed into an English landscape park with sculptures and a lake. The spacious gardens also include the Botanical Garden and thePheasant Garden

Also located in the middle of the city is the Zoological City Garden, which invites visitors to discover and linger with its themed gardens. Whether it's the rose garden or the Japanese garden, the Baden-Baden garden, the lakeside garden, the scent and touch garden or the animal enclosures: garden lovers young and old will get their money's worth here

Not sure which bouquet to send in Karlsruhe? Then just let the florists do it for you. You will be amazed at what the florists can conjure up when they are allowed to give free rein to their creativity. Discover unique floral creations!