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Funeral Flowers

Delivery to the Church, Crematorium or to the Gravesite Professional Local Florists
Receiving expressions of solitude and consolation can ease the grief of the affected persons. Our florists take extra care in the selection of the bouquets and wreaths in order to strike the right note during this difficult time. Flowers are an important component of a funeral. Express your condolences and send a comforting flower bouquet.

Condolences  from  € 27.99

Condone someone with the loss of a loved one? Convey this message in an appropriate way with our condolences and sympathy bouquets.

Funeral Bouquets
Funeral Bouquets  from  € 35.99

Funeral bouquets are a popular tribute expressing sympathy. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

Funeral Arrangements
Funeral Arrangements  from  € 67.99

Our funeral arrangements are a kind way to say goodbye to a deceased person or to show your support.

Funeral Wreaths
Funeral Wreaths  from  € 179.99

Send a funeral wreath online, carefully composed featuring fresh flowers and greenery.