Meaning of count and colors of Roses

Rose Coloration and Numbers

Different colors and different numbers - it's not always easy to communicate the right message to your loved ones. Hopefully our guide can provide you with some terms of reference.


Dark pink - Gratitude
Light pink - Desire, joy of life, youth, energy
Burgundy - Beauty
Coral/Orange - Desire, passion
Lavender - Love at first sight
Red and white together - Unity
Red and yellow together - Joy, happiness, and excitement
Thornless - Love at first sight


1 Love at first sight, you are the one
2 Mutual love
3 I love you
6 I want to be yours
7 I'm head over heels in love with you
9 Eternal love, we will be together as long as we live
10 You are perfect
11 You are my treasured one, the one I love most in my life
12 Be my steady
13 Secret admirer
15 I am sorry, please forgive me
20 I am honest with you
21 I am faithful to you
24 I can't stop thinking about you
33 I love you, with great affection
36 I will remember our romantic minutes
40 My love for you is sincere
50 Regretless love
99 I will love you for as long as I live
100 Harmoniously together in a century
101 You are my one and only love
108 Marry me!
365 I can't stop thinking about you
999 Undying, eternal love