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Available for delivery through DHL from 26. October
The robust Philodendron is known for its radiant, evergreen leaves. These also make it particularly air-cleaning, because as a house plant it can absorb many toxins and use them to produce oxygen for you. This makes the Philodendron super suitable as a plant for the office or the bedroom. (H:50cm, D:17cm)
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Milka Thank You € 6.99
Milka Thank You
Merci Pralines € 8.99
Merci Pralines
Red Wine 0,75L € 9.99
Red Wine 0,75L
Vase Glass (H20cm) € 8.99
Vase Glass (H20cm)
Rosé Wine 0,75L € 9.99
Rosé Wine 0,75L
White Wine 0,75L € 9.99
White Wine 0,75L
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