With our new look, we want to be not only a reliable business partner for customers, florists and partners. We would also like to present ourselves as an innovative company.

Therefore, we have developed an international symbol that represents all countries in our network, the Euroflorist bird. This young, dynamic and inspiring logo symbolizes exactly what we do: send flowers from here into the whole world.

Our logo is a bird and a flower at the same time, a symbolic ambassador who makes people happy with our flower greetings around the globe. It is also a dynamic symbol and is therefore reflecting our business. Euroflorist is setting everything possible in motion to offer customers the best service and florists and the best solutions.

We would like to introduce you to our little film about the new logo. To do this, open this link:


The Euroflorist Group is Europe's largest florist flower delivery organization with approximately 10,000 affiliated florists in 12 countries. The company was founded in 1982 in the Swedish city of Malmo. Since 2001, Euroflorist is also active in Germany. Our goal is to send flowers worldwide as easy, as fast and as cheap and reliable as possible. Together with our florists we supply approximately 1.8 million bouquets a year.