Thanks to our reminder, you will be the champion of wedding anniversary symbols!

1st year: cotton wedding
2nd years: leather wedding
3rd years: wheat wedding
4th years: wax wedding
5th years: wood wedding
6th years: Iron wedding
7th years: wool wedding
8th years: poppy-red wedding
9th years: earthenware wedding
10th years: tin wedding
11th years: coral wedding
12th years: silk wedding
13th years: lily of the valley wedding
14th years: lead wedding
15th years: crystal wedding
16th years: sapphire wedding
17th years: rose wedding
18th years: turquoise wedding
19th years: cretonne wedding
20th years: china wedding
25th years: silver wedding
30th years: pearl wedding
35th years: jewel wedding
40th years: emerald wedding
45th years: ruby wedding
50th years: golden wedding
60th years: diamond wedding
65th years: rosewood wedding
70th years: platinum wedding
75th years: oak wedding

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