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Questions & Answers

Do I get a confirmation when the bouquet has been delivered?

With DHL deliveries, you will receive a tracking code by email as soon as your order is processed. You can then use this code to track where the flower package is currently located.

With florist deliveries you will receive an SMS on the mobile phone number that you provide with your personal information. We only use your mobile phone number to send you a delivery confirmation.

Will my flowers be delivered by DHL or florist?
DHL delivery: The product number of the bouquet consists of a 4-digit code
Florist delivery: the product number begins with BOU (for bouquet) or ARR (for flower arrangements)
The product number can be found under the picture of the bouquet.
All funeral floristry products are processed by a florist.

My DHL delivery has not arrived yet. What can I do?
If you have ordered flowers by post via our partner DHL, a tracking code of the flower package will be sent to you as soon as the order has been processed.
Track the status with your code on the DHL website.
Please note that in rare cases delivery can vary from 1-3 days from the desired delivery date.

The recipient is not at home on the day of delivery. What can I do?
For florist deliveries: the florist will place the flowers in front of the door or leave them with a neighbour. You can also place your wishes in this regard in the "Comments for the florist" field.
For DHL deliveries: Enter your tracking code on the DHL website. You can then either determine a preferred location, where the courier will leave the flowers or have the delivery deposited with a neighbour. You can also choose a different delivery day.

How do the bouquets differ in the different price categories?
Most bouquets are available in three different price categories: standard, medium and large. The size of the bouquet depends on the price, it contains more or less flowers. The exact number of flowers can vary and depends on the season and the daily prices. But we guarantee that the colour, shape and value of the delivered bouquet are always our top priority.

The delivered product looks different from the picture. What now?
It may happen that a florist does not have a certain type of flower in stock. In this case, the florist will make product adjustments based on fresh cut flowers. Major adjustments are only made after prior consultation with the customer. The value of the bouquet remains the same in all cases.

Can the customer make product adjustments?
This is not a problem with florist products. Requests can be left in the "Comments for the Florist" field during the ordering process. Our florists do their best to get as close as possible to your wishes.

Can I send flowers anonymously?
If you do not sign the greeting card, the recipient will not know who the delivery is from. If the recipient contacts us to inquire, we are not permitted to provide information due to the data protection law. The flowers will be sent anonymously if not signed.
Can I use my gift cards abroad?
The Euro gift cards can be used in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. Contact Customer service if you are interested in buying gift cards.

Can you delivery flowers on Sundays and holidays?
We cannot guarantee delivery on Sundays and holidays. In most large cities we have a few shops that are open for delivery on Sundays. For specific holidays and occasions like Mother’s Day, most shops are open for delivery.

I cannot log in to my personal account.
Check that you filled in the right information. Username is your e-mail address, and the password is your personal. If you are using an old email address that is no longer in use, please contact Customer service to have your username changed for you.

Where can I use my gift cards?
All our member shops accept our gift cards. Go to our Florist Search and fill in the name of the city you wish to use your gift cards. Click on the Search button, and a list of available shops will appear. If you click on Show more information, you can see the address and opening hours for a specific shop as well. If your delivery city is missing, please contact Customer service for help.

Buyer’s Guide in 3 Easy Steps

Do you already have an account? Log in before you place your order. From there, you have easy access to your address book. If you want to become a member, please register.

Step 1 – Product

Choose size on the product you have selected. Here you can also choose if you want any accessories like a vase or flower nutrition to be added to your product. Click on ‘buy now’ to place the order in your basket.

Step 2 – Cart

The first thing you do is filling in the recipient for your product. Here, you also add gifts or accessories to your product. Click on the respective icons to do so. Remember that you must complete the recipient’s details before continuing to the next step. When the recipient window appears you fill in all fields that have an asterisk (*) next to it. Click on add recipient after finishing. In the accessories and gifts window, you tick the box belonging to the gift you would like to add to your order. Click on Add to basket to continue. Of course, it is possible to choose more than one gift or accessory if you wish. Our gift collection varies depending on delivering city. If you would like to place another order before continuing to payment, click on continue shopping and start over. You can also choose to copy the order and edit the details. If you have many orders to the same address this is the fastest way. Click on ‘Pay now’ to continue.

Step 3 – Billing

Here you choose a payment option by ticking the box with your preferred choice. Fill in the details that are asked for. If you have received a discount code in our newsletter, you can use it here. Please read through our Terms of Purchase and accept them at the bottom of the page. Click on ‘Pay’ to continue. Depending on what payment option you choose, you will either be redirected to our secure payment page or sent directly to our order confirmation page. Your order confirmation will also be sent to your e-mail address. Here you can also click to print out a receipt as a confirmation of your purchase.

Your flowers are on the way!
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