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Floral Cake

Floral Cake

Floral Cake

Suitable for any occasion
The perfect gift for celebrating someone and something! A large handcrafted floral cake, with mixed roses in romantic colours.

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info-icon Delicious Easter Egg
Delicious Easter Egg
This Easter hit (49g) completes every lovely spring present. The Easter Egg hides delicious bits with crispy milk chocolate.
€ 2.99 add plus
info-icon Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny
This sweet Easter Bunny (100g) made of fine milk chocolate, decorated with dark and white chocolate will surely complement your floral greeting.
€ 4.99 add plus
info-icon Pralines "For You"
Pralines "For You"
Nine fine pralines with various nougat fillings, which are delivered in a sweet heart-shaped box. A dream for all chocoholics. Complete your floral greeting with these delicious chocolates.
€ 6.99 add plus
info-icon Birthday Greeting Card
Birthday Greeting Card
Complete your flower greeting with a beautiful greeting card and some personal words for the Birthday child.
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Floral Greeting Card
Floral Greeting Card
Complete your flower greeting with a beautiful greeting card and some personal words for the receiver.
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Card Romance
Card Romance
Flowers speak for themselves. However, a personal message with a romantic bouquet is never wrong and always appreciated as it makes the surprise very intimate. Add a romantic card to your flower delivery.
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Pralines of four
Pralines of four
Tasty mix of four different chocolate pralines (36 gr.) in the flavours of hazelnut, lemon caramel, mint caramel and salty caramel. Your flower delivery will be only complete with this superior pralines!
€ 5.99 add plus
info-icon Pralines "Good Luck"
Pralines "Good Luck"
Delicious pralines from Heilemann without alhohol (52g). Make your flower greeting complete with this treat.
€ 5.99 add plus
info-icon Pralines "With Love"
Pralines "With Love"
Exclusive pralines from Heilemann without alhohol (52g). Make your flower greeting even more special with this delicacy.
€ 5.99 add plus
info-icon Chocolates "Birthday"
Chocolates "Birthday"
Finest milk chocolate from Heilemann decorated with white and dark chocolate (100g). The perfect addition to your Birthday greeting!
€ 7.99 add plus
info-icon Bake Mix "Happy Birthday"
Bake Mix "Happy Birthday"
A creative addition to your floral greeting. With some butter, eggs and a few hand grips, this baking mixture (350g) can be conjured up to a delicious birthday cake.
€ 9.99 add plus
info-icon Green apple candle
Green apple candle
Candle with a subtle fragrance of apple in a nice gift box.
€ 3.50 add plus
info-icon Pink peach candle
Pink peach candle
Candle with a subtle fragrance of peach in a nice gift box.
€ 3.50 add plus
info-icon Grey pumpkin candle
Grey pumpkin candle
Candle with a subtle fragrance of pumpkin in a nice gift box.
€ 3.50 add plus
info-icon Teddy bear
Teddy bear
A cuddly teddy bear (approx. 10 cm), which is either a playful extra, a decorative piece, a real toy or all together. **Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.**
€ 4.99 add plus
info-icon Blue Teddy
Blue Teddy
Make your gift even more sweet and special with a soft blue teddy (around 18 cm). The perfect gift for a new born boy.
€ 9.99 add plus
info-icon Pink Teddy
Pink Teddy
Make your gift even more sweet and special with a soft pink teddy (around 18 cm). The perfect gift for a new born girl.
€ 9.99 add plus
info-icon Vase
Adding a vase to our flowers makes the surprise even more classy. The recipient can place your flower gift straight away – no cutting flower stems and no vase or pot searching. The perfect extra to enjoy your gift straight away!
€ 5.99 add plus
info-icon Sparkling wine 0.2l
Sparkling wine 0.2l
A bottle of sparkling wine by Scavi & Ray. A tasty and fresh Prosecco Piccolo (0.2l) is the perfect extra to your flowers. This product contains alcohol.
€ 5.50 add plus
info-icon Sparkling wine 0.75l
Sparkling wine 0.75l
Sparkling wine from the Italian brand Scavi & Ray from Venetia. This premium alcoholic drink is the perfect choice to make the flower present complete!
€ 13.99 add plus
info-icon Veuve Clicquot Champagne
Veuve Clicquot Champagne
What is here to say? A bottle of world-class Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne (0.75l) making your flower surprise a very special one! This product contains 12% alcohol.
€ 49.99 add plus
info-icon White wine Pinot Grigio
White wine Pinot Grigio
Lovely fruity and modern white wine. A classy companion to your flowers and plants.
€ 9.99 add plus
info-icon Candy Hearts (100 gr.)
Candy Hearts (100 gr.)
Win hearts with these delicious sweets that come together with your flowers. The fruity-sweets flavor and the heart-shape is perfect to make someone’s day.
€ 4.25 add plus
info-icon Card Congratulations
Card Congratulations
What would be a congratulations bouquet without personal best wishes? Exactly - incomplete. Add a card to congratulate a special person to make your flower delivery perfect!
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Card Get well
Card Get well
The combination of shiny fresh flowers and a greeting card with get well wishes is not just touching but also a real psychological push! Cheer someone special up in times of need.
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Card I am sorry
Card I am sorry
Don’t be shy and hide behind flowers. A lovely bouquet makes up for a lot. Being absolutely sure and give your flower gift the right personal genuine touch - add a few words in a I am sorry card.
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Card Condolences
Card Condolences
It is essential when sending condolence flowers to add a message. Let us deliver your condolences by sending one of our bouquets and a card with personal words in moments of grieve.
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Card Wedding
Card Wedding
Send wedding wishes with lovely flowers and a wedding card. A personal note always goes well with the right greeting card.
€ 2.50 add plus
info-icon Bracelet
Beautiful bracelet (19 cm diametre) with black pearls and a heart of jewelry. All parts of our jewelry is tested for nickel, lead and cadmium.
€ 12.50 add plus