Flower Colours and Their Meaning

Flowers have their own language, but the choice of the color is also very important! Here are some advices and ideas:

When you choose flowers for yourself or to offer, you are sensitive to the shape but also to the color. Even if tastes and colors are not arguable, it is recognized that some colors or shades pass on very different emotions or feelings.
If you are sensitive to Feng Shui, you will also discover that colors have a significant meaning.


Red is an aggressive color, almost violent. It is used to express power, eagerness, or only the heat of a feeling. Torrid, passionated love, red is the color to be prioritized. Be aware that in the Feng Shui language, red is the color of South, it goes straight in the heart, its symbol is fire, its number is 7 and it corresponds to the sense of touch.


Yellow symbolizes light and sun. By extension yellow also expresses joy of living and happiness. Have you ever noticed that a lot of spring flowers are yellow? Narcissus, bright yellow.....as much evocations  of light which springs up after winter. But yellow can also testify an  infidelity or a betrayal.
In the Feng Shui language, yellow is the color of Center and refers to the spleen. Its symbol is the Hearth, its number is 5 and it corresponds to balance.


White symbolizes purity, virginity, elegance, refinement and justice. White is traditionally used for engagement and weddings.  Nevertheless, be careful! In Japan, white is the color of mourning!
In Feng Shui language, white is the color of West and refers to lungs. Its symbol is metal, its number is 9 and it corresponds to breathing.


Green reminds nature, vegetable, the strength of the revival spring and symbolizes courage. Be careful not to offer something green to an artist, or to a person in the show business: it is said to bring bad luck!
In the Feng Shui language, green is the color of the East and refers to liver. Its symbol is wood, its number is 8 and it corresponds to sight.


Pink evokes tenderness, softness and youth. Often associated with little girls' births, it is also used to testify friendship. Pink is the romantic color par excellence.

Take Away of the Different Floral Colours

Try it by yourself, during rainy days, you prefer warm colors to replace the lack of light and sun. Flowers and their color palettes are thus quite indicated to bring a good-mood  touch in your life. Then do not hesitate, to offer or buy flowers, chose among our range of bunches of flowers.